We are the exclusive source of
everything we grow, harvest and sell.

Highest Quality

We continuously test our hemp extracts at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency with no contaminants. We use certified cannabis and food testing labs to verify the consistency of our product.

Integrated into every part of the cultivation process, our team stands in the field side by side with our farmers. Hemp production is an artform and together we are mastering the art and bringing domestic production back to the USA.


Product Quality

We have the most sophisticated operations including the ability to track each product specific batch back to the exact lot of crude oil we extracted, including the date of extraction, where it was grown and where in Australia the seed was propagated. This cutting edge, multi-continental platform is an industry first.

  • No pesticides or fungicides
  • Non-GMO seeds
  • Grown outdoors in Kentucky soil
  • Patent-protected full spectrum seed
  • Highest quality standards and control
  • Consistent amounts of cannabinoids in every dose


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