Clean, All Natural, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free

The Ananda Hemp Difference

Ananda Hemp is different than all other hemp companies. We don’t make false claims. We are not certified organic by the USDA which is why we won’t use organic wording in our statements. Our products are clean, all natural and non-GMO. We NEVER use pesticides or chemicals on our hemp fields and farms.

The Organic Truth

A lot of hemp and CBD companies claim to be organic; however, most of these companies are NOT certified organic. They make these organic claims in order to sell more product. These companies are intentionally misleading you by creating their own “organic” seals, badges or language to display on their websites, products and literature giving consumers a false sense of confidence.

If a company, farm or product is truly organic, ask yourself why wouldn’t they be using the USDA Certified Organic seal that all consumers have grown accustomed to?  The answer is simple. They CAN’T be certified organic by the USDA.

When choosing a hemp or CBD product, please do your research and stay away from companies making false claims. If they are misleading consumers about being organic, how else are they misleading consumers?

Fake Organic Seals

There are a lot of other companies who claim to be “organic” but none use the true USDA Organic Logo on their products. These companies are likely making claims but are not truly organic. If they don’t have the “USDA Organic” seal, chances are they are not 100% organic. Shown below is the USDA Organic Logo and an example of an “organic seal” that other companies are using.

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