Bliss Intimate Oil – Sample Size


Our Bliss Intimate Oil is formulated by our own Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alex Capano, to enhance and equalize the sexual experience for everyone. With 250mg of active cannabinoids and all natural ingredients like Cacao Seed Butter, Peppermint and Black Pepper this product is intended to help stimulate and soothe. The perfect way to tap into your inner sexpot.

0.75 fl. oz (2g.) Sample Size
Active cannabinoids
Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids + synergistic terpene infusion
Essential Oils, Organic Theobroma, Coconut Oil & L-arginine for additional Bliss
Plant-based ingredients
Free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals.
pH balanced and sugar free to ensure safety in delicate tissue.
Small batch to batch quality control
Naturally grown, processed and packaged in Kentucky

**Important Disclaimer: Do not use Bliss Intimate Oil with latex protection, as any oil-based product can degrade latex and render it ineffective.

Ananda Hemp Flower ExtractCoconut OilOrganic Cacao Seed Butter (Theobroma)Peppermint Essential OilBlack Pepper Essential OilL-Arginine
other: Sustainably Sourced, Coconut-Derived MCT Oil, cetearyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol

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